Diospyros artanthifolia Mart. ex Miq.

December 15, 2009

I finally (or may be, provisionally, until a better ID is suggested) arrived at the sp. ID, above, using the spp. distribution info from the HUEFS (Herbarium of the State University at Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil, where I deposit my own collections) and F. White’s treatment of Ebenaceae for Flora of Panama (1978), and without help from specialists.

The sp. name refers to the leaves of Artanthe, Piperaceae (cf. http://tinyurl.com/y9dqkqj).

What is intriguing in my specimen is the heteromorphy of its flowers, with 5 or 6-petalled flowers, on the same branch (see the image).

5- and 6-petalled pistillate flowers.

Now looking forward to collecting this sp. in fruit.


One Response to “Diospyros artanthifolia Mart. ex Miq.”

  1. Aaron Liston Says:

    Floral heteromorphy is also known in Ruta graveolens. In that species, the terminal flower of an inflorescence is 5-merous, the other flowers are 4-merous*. I wonder if the development is as consistent in your Diospyros?

    *Thanks to David Mabberley and his wonderful “Plant-Book” for drawing this to my attention.

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