First local Diospyros sp., Ebenaceae

December 15, 2009

Thanks to André van Proosdij of Amsterdam, my ‘unfamiliar’ family species has been identified as that of Diospyros, Ebenaceae, my first close encounter with the local Ebenaceae.

Thanks are also due to the Taxacom-L for allowing the query on above, and my personal disappointment at having a similar query rejected by moderators at Herbaria-L.

Further inquiries on the species ID have been made to an Austrian specialist in the genus.

The material is being pressed and will be deposited at the Herbarium of the State University at Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil (HUEFS) as Popovkin 640.


One Response to “First local Diospyros sp., Ebenaceae”

  1. Aaron Liston Says:

    Hi Alex: Your request was not rejected by Herbaria-L. The moderator (me) was on vacation. Can you please send another email stating that you have already received an identification? Thanks, Aaron
    PS Your photos are outstanding. I am teaching “Flowering Plants of the World” starting next month, and I will definitely link your Flicker site to the course website.

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