Tabebuia cassinoides (Lam.) DC.

December 26, 2009

See for a taxonomic update on this post.

This common local Bignoniaceae tree taxon is difficult to recognize to family in sterile condition. Unlike most Bignoniceae trees, with their palmately compound leaves (cf. Tabebuia aurea), this species has simple leaves. However, its characteristic tubular flowers and fruit make things clear.

Tabebuia cassinoides (Lam.) DC. flowering, in progress right now, is not easy to catch since most flowers are formed on higher branches, some 8 m from the observer, and the anthesis occurs early in the morning and lasts just a couple of hours.

Flowers have a sweetish scent.

Internal flower structure can be seen here.

Stamens, with the pistil removed.

Flower, with the pistil removed.

A set of my images of Tabebuia cassinoides (Lam.) DC. on CalPhotos (


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