Syntrechalea sp., Trechaleidae

January 31, 2010

It took me only two days to get an ID for this beautiful arboreal spider species, thanks to the ever help-ready people on the Taxacom list and the Brazilian entomologist from the UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) Adalberto Santos.  The genus has been recently revised by James E. Carico: “Revision of the Neotropical arboreal spider genus Syntrechalea (Araneae, Lycosoidea, Trechaleidae)”, Journal of Arachnology 36 (2008):118–130.

My images of the live specimen seem to be ones of the very few available.

The spider was discovered on Diospyros gaultieriifolia when I was checking out whether it has yet set fruit.  See my images of the latter in flower on Flickr (


One Response to “Syntrechalea sp., Trechaleidae”

  1. Darrell Says:

    For those interested in reading the revision of the Genus, here is a link to the paper:

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