I have been wondering for a long time about this common local bromeliad’s pollinators. The plant itself is one of the biggest  bromeliads around, growing as an epiphite fairly low to the ground, or on the ground itself, often forming communities in the scrub forest bioma. The inflorescence, especially early in its formation, is a sight to behold: its Fibonacci numbered saturated-red head is striking in the otherwise green setting.

Yesterday’s walk brought an answer as to the identity of its pollinator: Violet-capped Woodnymph (Thalurania glaucopis) was there making frequent furtive visits while I stayed some 6 ft away observing and recording its movements using a camcorder, with mosquitoes relentlessly attacking the bare body parts of yours truly.

On my follow-up visit the humming bird tried to steer away the intruder, flitting above my head and  making angry calls, while still managing to visit three developing flowers.

The seed dispersal of the species calls for a separate entry…